Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Blog 54n...P.S.

Blog 54n...P.S....
Well I chickened out and didn't  go to the police station...instead I emailed our local community bobby so that I'd have time to get organised here in case I was held for questioning! I also emailed the local councillor and explained what happened and what I saw... both emails were replied to with similar statements; putting my mind to rest...
apparently the organisation that owns the land where the statues had been are in the process of planning to do some extensive road works and the statues were in the way...so for their safety they had been removed but paperwork and the usual bureaucracy had caused a delay in the information getting to the council. Of course someone reported it to the newspaper before the information had filtered through!
I am soooo relieved; although I have to say it did all look pretty shifty to me...so watch this space I'll keep you informed as and when [or if] the Vikings return.

[A little of my trust is restored!]
Have a wonderful day wherever you are...catch the next blog tomorrow.


  1. Oh soooo relieved to hear it but they really would be at home in your community gardens

  2. I know...wouldn't they look special!! I'll keep trying to get them!!! xx